The "Star of the Sea" can bring you healing regeneration from its universal and celestial symbol of endless divine love, sacred movement and flow.


Where the powerful energy of the ocean, meets the magic of the land.

Also known as sea stars, starfish are members of the Asteroidea class, has five radial arms with a central body. It is estimated that there are 1,800 different species of starfish around the world.

When a starfish is cut into sections each piece is capable of regenerating into a completely new starfish, and it is for this reason I have connected with the ENERGY of REGENERATION from the starfish for this therapy.

The mind is a powerful tool to set an intention. Our intentions are vital to be able to move towards our goals, especially in difficult times.

Pain management is for some is a large part of  day to day life. I believe that with the starfish energy, it is possible to re-educate the brain to renew our life being that there is a difference between living with pain and managing it, and by not allowing it to manage us. 

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Albert Einstein

shell on own transparent.png


At first because I am feeling so low and so drained during this lockdown at the moment I wondered how on earth this was going to help me? However, the more I looked at the picture of the starfish with the crystals and coloured shells, the more I began to feel energised by it! I don't know if it was the colours, or the pattern? I could `feel` the energy emanating from it after your distance healing session was finished for me.

I have the picture beside my bed to look at when I wake and go to bed, but I've certainly noticed over the weeks that I feel less tired all the time and much happier.


1 found the whole session with Jeanne an absolute joy, from discovering our connection to the sea and mermaids, to the beautiful grid.

The starfish, shells and crystal grid was stunning and made me feel cared for and loved and created joyful anticipation for the healing to come.

The Reiki was blissful and an emotional journey of healing, the insights you shared were fascinating.

Many big wishes of gratitude and love to Jeanne

Jeanne is a very kind and intuitive healer. She gave me healing using a starfish grid which was very powerful.


I had been suffering with a headache all day, but during the session I felt my sinus clearing and my headache lifting, the energy was very strong and I felt great afterwards.





How it works

I select one suitable crystal (for me chronic pain, and there are a number of crystals suitable for this) and place in the middle of the starfish, once settled in and the energy is comfortable, I will begin the session.


These sessions are tailor-made to your appointment.  A full starfish grid will be constructed and placed on the healing bed before your arrival. The starfish with the single crystal in the middle only will be used for the placements during the therapy time.

This is usually a 60 minute therapy time, with two placements of the starfish, crystal and energy healing.

Session cost is £40 - followed by £30 for further appointments.

The unique starfish and crystal for you is available with an affirmation to buy if you wish on the day of your session, or from my shop.

Discover for yourself how the energy from the ocean may be able to help you - contact me to book a session, or for further details where I am more than happy to discuss this further.