Each Scallop Size ~ 10-13 cm

Classification: Pectin maximus Linnaeus


These white Scallop shells are among the best known of all the bivalves. The fan-shape of this shell with unequally sized "ears" on either side is from the family of Pechinidae.


The colours can vary from mainly white to having yellowish brown streaks running through the exterior.


These shells have a long history throughout ancient Europe, a symbol of mysticism and religion, used as a badge for pilgrimage in the early years by the Christian church, and used by priests to pour water over the heads in baptism.


The Aztec and Mayan goddesses were represented rising from the scallop shells, and immortalized in the famous painting of the Birth of Venus rising fully formed from the scallop shell.


Used as a design motif for the symbol Shell petrol company, adapted and widely used commercially for ashtrays, and for the use of a receptacle for space clearing using white sage. 

White Scallop Shells

  • Ecological Note

    The Scallop has more than 400 species found worldwide.  Scallops have been gathered for centuries as a food source.

    The scallop live on the seabed and in the sand or gravel offshore, but they are able to swim rapidly through the water by opening and closing their shell in a sequence of jumps.

  • Seashell Therapy

    In seashell therapy a bivalve shell has a radiant energy to help release blockages and to increase energy flow `chi` within the body and aura.

    As these scallops are a good size, I use to place in the aura with the fan towards the body for directing energy inwards, to cleanse and balance the aura, and with the fan away from the body to draw off unwanted energy from the aura.

    Also placed on the body to release energy blockages within the body itself.