Whelk ~ Size-17.5-20 cm


Classification: Busycon contrarium Conrad


This shell is named as it spirals contrary to the normal direction of most marine gastropods thus being counter clockwise with a left handed coil, sinistral, rather with a right handed, distral coil.


The famous rare left handed shell is the Chank shell Turbinella pyrum.

The right handed form of the species is common in the waters off the coasts of India and Sri Lanka, but left handed specimens are extremely rare, and sacred to people of the Hindu faith, being associated with the God Vishnu, and is used in ritual.


This beautiful large whelk sits comfortably in the hand with it's smooth exterior showing colours of tan to off-white with light brown streaks running through the shell. The interior is a cream colour which swirls and spirals through to the middle of the shell.


Seashell Therapy:

These shells exude beauty and calmness to us.


Shells can hold special memories and can release the Serotonin chemical in our brain, which promotes feelings of happiness and wellness throughout the entire body.


In my experience with these shells after therapy, it has been reported that a more restful and good nights sleep has been experienced, especially placing the shell around the home and in the bedroom, and with aiding better digestion.


  • Ecological Note

    These left handed whelks are called Lightening Whelks where they wash up on the shores in Florida the Gulf Coast from North Carolina to Texas, and it is also the official shell for the state of Texas. These shells belong to a diverse family of over 400 species of the whelk family. 

     Whelks are carnivorous, their habitat is vast from both cold polar and tropical seas.

    The large whelks are a edible species, but the Native Americans harvested whelks for religious ceremonies and practical tools.

  • Spiritual Notes

    Whelks can generally help us to choose the right spiritual pathway, and by meditating with this shell it can gently help us to find the guidance that we seek from the universe.

    It is said that whelks can bring to our life wisdom and inspiration and even good fortune!

    It also can bring us good creative imagination, and can be beneficial to place the shell near a project of any kind to help with the flow. I use and see this left handed shell, (rather than right handed), being able to give strong support for aiding us with any dramatic life changes.