Polished Violet Clam Size ~ 75mm (Approx 3inch in diameter) 

Classification: Nuttallia obscurata


he violet clam is a member of the Psammobiidae family discovered by Augustus Reeve, the famous British conchologist in 1857.


The violet clam halve is carefully polished showing the beautiful swirling colours of white to violet.


Please note ~ this is a natural product where each violet clam shell displays a different array of colour forms of white to violet/ purple lines and swirls. This I feel adds to charm and beauty of this lovely shell.


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.

Violet Polished Clam Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Clam shells can be found from all over the world.  

    A marine mollusk found in Southern California to the Bering Sea, where it's habitat is usually buried in sand, silt or gravel from just below the surface to 20 cm deep.

  • Seashell Therapy

    In seashell therapy a bivalve shell has a radiant energy to help release blockages and to increase energy flow `chi` within the body and aura.

    I use these stunning violet clams for the brow and the crown chakras. This shell is light to sit comfortably on the brow, (some have a natural indigo colour swirl) for the pituitary and pineal gland placement the same as a crystal, also good for calming and relieving headaches, especially rubbed with lavender oil.

    This shell helps to also connect us to our higher self, meditation and spiritual development. The violet clam shell lends itself beautifully with it's violet ray colour that resonates from it for a crown chakra placement.

    It is said that clam shells bring balance and order to our life, providing us with that work, life balance some of us seek, good for keeping in a pocket to promote this energy. They can also help us to find our beauty within and find our place in the world, for protection, love, protecting our emotions, and purification.