Polished South African Turban Shell ~ 6-8cm

Classification: Turbo sarmaticus Linne


This is a stunningly beautiful polished shell, prized for it's distinctive markings.


It is a large and thick shell. When polished it reveals the nacreous inner layer known as the glossy mother-of pearl pattern underneath.


The colours are a blend of orange, cream and brown.  Although great care has been taken with my images, it is a totally natural product where shade variations and irregularities can occur, which add to the appealing nature of this shell. 


Historically, it appears that the name for these shells was derived from the nomadic Sarmatian tribes, who originally inhabited lands across what is now known as Northern Iran and South East Russia.


It is probable that either the shells resembled traditional head gear, or perhaps the shell's distinctive markings appear similar to the horseman's scale-like armour made from horse's hoofs.


In the period of over 900 years the Sarmatians enjoyed a fascinating history, including being part of the Roman 6th Legion, fortifying garrisons along Hadrian's wall and leaving archaeological evidence of their presence in Lancashire and Chester.


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.

Turbo Sarmaticus Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Turbo Sarmaticus are native to South Africa, found off the top of South Africa in offshore waters, where they are fished for their meat before the shell is cleaned and polished. This natural seashell is a by-product of licensed fishing. Approved by authorities in both the country of origin and the UK.

  • Seashell Therapy

    The South African Turban shell is a gastropod. In seashell healing the gastropod represents a more intense energy and is beneficial for the sacral chakra (lower stomach area).

    This shell emits a strong and powerful energy which is also visible by the pattern itself. It has a rich history of bravery and strength, therefore I use this shell to help clear blockages in the sacral chakra, helping to manage relationships with work or personal, struggling with low self-esteem, and for boosting confidence.

    This beautiful shell can literally peel back the layers (like an onion) which has happened already to this shell by the process of it's polishing, to reveal such beauty underneath.

    Working with this shell can bring feelings of intense joy, healing and can completely change your life by opening and balancing the sacral chakra.