Tigerina Rough Mussel Half Size ~ 5 - 10cm 

Classification: Codakia tigerina Linnaeus


Tigerina mussel is a marine bivalve found in the tidal tropical waters, often buried in the sandy bottoms in coral reef areas. It is a member of the Lucinidae family.

Tigerina Mussel Shell Set

  • Ecological Note

    Tigerina mussels are a plentiful food source, and are usually highly polished afterwards.

  • Seashell Therapy

    In seashell healing the bivalve shell has a soft radiant energy to help release blockages and to increase energy flow`chi` within the body and aura.

    These totally natural shells are ideal to add with a gastropod shell in a healing grid layout, by placing around the outside of the body within the aura.

    They can also be very beneficial as a stand alone grid by placing on the arms, legs or the stomach and chest whilst holding in both hands.

    There really isn't any right or wrong way ~ just let the energy of the shells flow through to you for their placement by feeling the shell's natural exterior pattern.