Tigerina Rough Mussel Size ~ 5 - 10cm

Classification: Codakia tigerina Linnaeus


Tigerina mussel is a member of the Lucinidae family.


These shells are unpolished and totally natural, available to buy whole, where the two halves have been stuck together.


The exterior has rough layers, which remind me how the sand looks and feels underfoot when the tide has reseeded.


I love the naturalness of this shell, where it has not been held for too long to be polished leaving it's energy raw from the ocean.


A mainly white shell, on some of the layers there are soft streaks of either pink/lilac or yellow running through the circular design. 


A beautiful shell that deserves it's place in any collection!

Tigerina Mussel Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Tigerina mussel is a marine bivalve found in tidal tropical waters, often buried in the sandy bottoms in coral reef areas.  Tigerina mussels are a plentiful sea food source and are usually highly polished for sale afterwards.