Spider Chiragra Conch ~ 15 cm


Classification: Lamabis Chiagra or Harpago Arthriticus


This very "showy" shell is frequently used for window dressing and photographic work, from approved Indo-pacific sources. It is a stunning shell to have around you at home or at work.


"Spiders" are part of the conch family which are salt water snails that vary in size from small to very large.


This is a large thick and fairly heavy shell . The females are larger than the males. The colours on the outside of the shell range from white mottled with brown and the inside lip is usually mainly pink  and white to red in colour, running through to the inside of the shell.


The conch shell is a gastropod. In seashell healing the gastropod represents a more intense energy and can be placed anywhere on the body, or be directed towards an area of pain.


These shells are very "Showy" and good to have around you. 

Spider Chiragra Shell

  • Seashell Therapy

    These shells emit a positive energy, but also the shape lends well to be picked up and held, which is why I use this shell for a particular type of condition ~ arthritis for the hands, fingers, feet and toes. Firstly because the shells classification name Arthriticus, and secondly the shape of the shell looks like it has fingers stretched out from a hand.

    Simply hold the shell as comfortably as you can if you are a sufferer of arthritis in the hand, and if you can, move the fingers around the spider's legs and hold for as long as comfortable for at least 20 minutes.  Or just place as comfortably as you can on the hand for the same length of time. This shell also helps with pain in the feet and toes, by placing on top of the foot near the toes and relax for as long as feels comfortable.

    This shell can represent change. With any arthritic condition, joints can become stiff and painful to move. With the energy of CHANGE we can start to SEE the joints changing from stiff to more supple again.

    Try to notice mentally any situations in your life where you may be able to be more flexible to balance your emotional body.  Dis-ease in our mental and emotional bodies may surface as disease or stiffness in our physical body.