Horned Helmet Shell ~ Size: 15 - 20cm

Classification: Cassis cornuta


The Helmet shell is a large heavy thick shell it is from the Cassidae family.


Its shoulder has a row of large knobs and the surface of the shell is covered with rows of protruding small pits.


It has a very wide smooth glossy outer lip with large teeth grouped in the middle of the lip, around the outside of the lip is a brown/dark brown pattern running along it, which differs from shell to shell.


The general overall colour is cream/yellow/apricot with shades of grey and white.


These shells were used for carvings on cameos in eighteenth-century Europe, due to the shells thick layers of different colours for intricate works of art!


A stunning stand alone shell which has a wonderful shape and pleasing to the eye wherever it rests.

Queen Large Helmet Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Their range is common to the warm tropical shallow seas of the Indo-Pacific region, feeding generally on sand dollars and sea urchins as it plows its way through the sand and silt.

    The mollusk remains hidden inside the shell during the day and becomes very active at night to feed.