Polished Stannum Turbo ~ Size 6 - 7.5cm

Classification: Cittarium pica


This is a West Indian species of edible sea snail from the Tegulidae family.


It has a fairly thick large rough shell, but when polished reveals it's stunning colours of black and white.


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.

Polished Stannum Turbo Shell

  • Ecological Note

    These snails are a food source where they are heavily regulated, and no collection is permitted during their reproductive season with a minimum harvest size regulation in place. 

  • Seashell Therapy

    The stannun shell is a gastropod. In seashell healing the gastropod represents a more intense energy and can be placed anywhere on the body, or directed towards an area of pain.

    This shell has wonderful grounding energy. I use this shell for the base chakra, with  it's black and white striking colours. I have found the shell to be helpful in stimulating and energizing the lower chakras, as well as the bold black and white pattern reflecting direction and motivation. This shell is good to have around you, and will simply move you into action!