Pink Murex Size ~ 6 - 7.5cm

Classification: Chicoreus ramosus Linneaus


Murex is the name given to this group of carnivorous tropical sea snails. 


The word Murex was used by the ancient Greeks which makes it one of the oldest shell names still used today.


The ancient Romans discovered that the dye often called "Royal Purple" was made from the mucus of selected species of Murex. The costly dye was used for royal ceremonial robes.


The shell is spiky to hold but not sharp. It is mainly a whitish pink colour on the outside of the shell, some have brown ridges and blotches. The large aperture is a pink/ soft pink colour running right through to the inside of the shell.


Please note - This shell is a natural product, the colour pink in the interior of the shell differs from shell to shell.


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.

Pink Murex Shell

  • Ecological Note

    These are predators on other molluscs and barnacles as well as worms. They can move very quickly by a process of small jumps. Many of the species are found in the Indo-Pacific waters in the inter-tidal zones among rocks.

  • Seashell Therapy

    The Murex shell is a gastropod. In seashell healing the gastropod represents a more intense energy and can be placed anywhere on the body, or directed towards an area of pain.

    It is a very pretty looking shell, but the spikes of the shell can suggest it can be used for protection and defence against negative energy, keeping the heart chakra light and free with the colour pink inside the shells soft pink interior.

    Matched with a purple colour can help to strengthen the mind to flow into the physical body to overcome hurdles and promoting courage.