Paua Shell ~ 10-13 cm


Classification: Haliotis Iris Martyn


These beautiful shells are flawlessly polished and smooth on the outside of the shell, revealing the hidden iridescent peacock blues, vibrant greens, and purple stunning colours, which shimmer in the light.


The interior of the shell although not polished still displays a natural vibrant lustre.


These very popular shells are from New Zealand. The Maori people of New Zealand call the abalone Paua shells, which are used in their warrior artwork, and is considered to bring them good luck.


It can also be fashioned into jewellery, and is considered to protect the wearer from negativity.


Spiritual Holistics will be designing their own Paua shell jewellery later this year.

Paua Shell

  • Ecological Note

    In New Zealand the Paua shell is fished under strict licence with restrictions on the number and size of the shells collected.