Natural Chambered Nauitlus Shell: Size ~ 14 cm

Classification: Nautilus pompilius Linnaeus


This shell is thin and lightweight for it's size, spirally coiled in shape.


When seen from the top, the natural shell is darker in colour and marked with irregular zebralike brown strips, cream or white colouring under the strips, which makes it blend into the darkness of the water below.


Conversely, the underside is almost completely white, the interior is very pearly and iridescent.


These species are found mainly in the Indo-Pacfic waters, it's habitat is free swimming, and it has chambers filled with gas which helps the creature control it's buoyancy.


Whilst the shells frequent waters around 300 below the surface, the shell is capable of withstanding pressures down to 500m.


Please note that I take great care to provide an accurate image, however, as a totally natural product shade variations and irregularities can occur. I consider this to be part of the charm and fascination of these beautiful shells.

Natural Nautilus Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Concern has been expressed over suspected dwindling numbers of Nautilus. My supplier will continue to monitor the situation, and at all times work within the agreed International Conventions and the Law of exporting countries.

    Whilst the life cycle of Nautilus is not fully understood, it is known that the creature can take up to ten years to reach sexual maturity and even then the species does not produce a free swimming larval stage, making it difficult for it to re-colonise areas should numbers become depleted.

  • Seashell Therapy

    This shells geometry is one of natures finest examples of mathematical perfection, and it is represented in my logo for Spiritual Holistics!

    For healing I use this shell for the sacred geometry it represents, the spiral pattern, endings and new beginnings and linking us to the power and cycles of the moon, the ebb, flow and balance of life itself.