Natural Green Turbo Shell ~ Size: 5-8cm 

Classification: Turbo Argyrostoma Linne


These beautiful green hermit crab spiral shells are commonly known as turbos or turbans.


They have a unique colour and design pattern, with shades of dark and light green on the outer part of the shell, which is also textured.


The inside aperture is a pearly cream to yellow colour, which is quite wide for the size of the shell.


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.

Natural Green Turbo Shell

  • Ecological Note

    These beautiful green hermit crab spiral shells have been thoroughly cleaned from approved sources. 

    These abundant shells are part of the Turbinidea family of marine gastropods found in the Indo-Pacific seas.

  • Seashell Therapy

    I use these lovely green shells for the heart chakra. I have found these shells to be especially good to bring balance and harmony to the physical body when placed on the heart chakra, as the energy from this shell is very calm and soothing.

    They help to give us the understanding to love freely, without conditions and connecting us to the powerful dolphin's in the oceans LOVE for life!