Astrea Undosa Mexican Trocha Shell Polished ~ Size: 9cm

Classification: Astraea tecta


These beautiful  shells are from the Turban family and due to their undulating forms are often known as Wavy Turbans.


It is a heavy large thick shell, smooth with small round raised knobs running around the outside of the shell. Looking from the side the shape is almost triangular with a flat base. Although the colour is white to cream, in the light rainbow colours shine out beautifully from this lovely shell.

Mexican Trocha Shell

  • Ecological Note

    These shells inhabit nutrient rich cold waters of the Western Pacific waters off the Californian coast. The shell is frequently larger than its warm water turban cousins indigenous to temperate Eastern Indo-Pacific waters.

    In deep water some have been found that are up to 15cm from tip to base. Today these shells are commonly fished for their meat and mother-of-pearl.

    However, these shells have been shown to have been collected by the Native American people long before the Europeans set foot in California.