Leopard Cone Shell ~ Size: 8 - 10cm

Classification: Conus Leopardus


It is a heavy shell for its size, creamy white with distinctive markings of spiral rows of blue, brown and black spots.


It has a flattened spire and a elongated narrow opening.


The cone shells come in a stunning variety of intricate patterns and colours, making it one of the most widely collected shell.

Leopard Cone Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Found in the Indian Ocean, the leopard shell is a member of the Conidae family.

    It is a successful venomous predatory sea snail feeding on worms, small fish and other molluscs, where the creature is well known for immobilizing its prey by stunning it with a harpoon-like poisonous barb, which can be extended beyond the length of the cone shell.

    It is advisable not to pick up live cones due to the painful sting, and on several occasions human deaths have been recorded.

    In the medical sector studies have been carried out to use the venom of some of these cones for the morphine drug and as part of a compound remedy against Alzheimers, Parkinsons or Epilepsy.