Large Egg Cowrie Shell size ~ 5 - 10 cm

Classification: Ovula ovum Linne


It is a thick shell that is egg-shaped and is normally considerably larger than many true cowries where some can reach up to 12 cm in length.


A very shiny, super smooth beautiful all white coloured shell, with a thickened outer lip which shows a puckered inner edge running along towards the chocolate brown aperture.


A favourite shell of mine, this shell was once used throughout the Pacific for personal adornment, and for decorating the prows of canoes.


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.


* Source of village elder photo: Australian Museum Collection


Egg Cowrie Shell

  • Ecological Note

    Whilst this cowrie shell is superficially similar to the true cowrie, these pure porcelain white shells are in fact a separate species found in Indo-Pacific waters.

    They are found 1-20 metres in depth nesting in soft corals and usually coming out to feed at night on soft corals and some species of sea anemone

  • Seashell Therapy

    I use the egg cowrie shells for the receiver to hold, (young and old) during a therapy session. 

    The very nature of the shells surface is calming when placed in the hands to run the thumbs over the surface, to help with anxiety stress related issues. Good to have near you to hold to concentrate, calm the nerves, as well as being a very good shell to use in a massage.

    Use for the lower chakras ~ base, sacral and particulary  calming for the solar plexus (stomach area) chakra.