Delphinula - Dolphin Shell - Size: 3~5cm

Classification: Angaria delphirus 

Includes Dolphin figurine & Scallop Shell dish 


Delpinula shells are from the family of Turbinidae species, and are also known as Dolphin shells.


These beautiful ornamented and colourful shells are very solid with a large, wide and deep opening, with rows of flattened curved spines around the outside of the body whorl shape of the shell.


As some of these shells grow they can develop long curved spines, making this little shell quite charmingly variable!


The colour vary between purple to pink, blending to white, with olive green and red in the spinal bends.

Delphinula Shell

  • Ecological Note

    In the 19th century these shells were considered rare and complete specimens were a unique find. Today they are not as rare, but they are not in large abundance either.

    Their habitat is coral reefs found across the Indo-Pacific region; especially near the Philippines.

  • Seashell Therapy

    The Delphinula shell is a gastropod.  In seashell healing the gastropod represents a more intense energy and can be placed anywhere on the body, or directed towards an area of pain.

    Called the dolphin shell it an excellent shell for healing helping all the seven major chakras.

    Dolphins are wonderful natural healers and are very attuned to us on every level when we are close to them in the water. They have such joy for life, just simply being a dolphin and living for the moment!

    I have attuned these shells to provide the dolphin energy from my merpeople of Atlantis.

    The scallop shell provides a radiant energy to help release blockages and to increase energy flow `chi` within the body or aura. This can be placed over the dolphin shell on a particular chakra placement for balancing and cleansing the chakras providing both Radiant and Spiral energy.

    Acting as a dish for the dolphin shell, it will also`charge` it ready for use next time, as well as radiating the energy of  LOVE from the Goddess Aphrodite, where her symbol is the scallop shell as well as the dolphin!