Each Seashell therapy healing grid pack contains:


  • 1 X Healing shell
  • 6 X Harvest Moon scallop shells
  • 1 X Agatised coral crystal stone
  • Grid layout, relevant shell information and how to use for the chosen chakra.


Select from:


Root chakra (Red) ~ Black & white polished Stannum Seashell

Sacral Chakra (Orange) ~ Tiger Cowrie Seashell

Solar Plexus chakra (Yellow) ~ Banded Bonnet Seashell 

Heart chakra (Green) ~ Natural Green Turbo Seashell

Throat chakra  (Blue) ~ Conch Fan Seashell

Brow chakra (Indigo) ~ Brown Muffin Moon Seashell

Crown chakra  (Violet) ~ Violet Clam Seashell 


If you are interested in receiving a Seashell Healing Pack with a different shell included to the list above, please contact me and I can make a personal healing pack for you.  Other shells available for healing packs are:

  • Red Abalone
  • South African Turban
  • Pink Murex
  • Black Murex
  • Egg Cowrie

Seashell Healing Pack

Chakra Choice