Conch Fan ~ Size-7-10cm


Classification: Sinustromus Sinuatus


This rather beautiful conch shell has a fan lip, usually with four rounded, fingernail-shaped projections.


It is a moderately large shell found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific.


The fan lip displays colours of pink and mauve with brown moving down into the smooth interior of the shell. Externally, the conch has creamy coloured raised smooth bumps, and a brown to yellow wavy pattern running around it.


Seashell Therapy:

The conch shell is a gastropod. In seashell healing the gastropod represents a more intense energy and can be placed anywhere on the body, or directed towards an area of pain.


I have used these lovely conch shells for the throat chakra for several reasons. It is a fairly light shell to sit comfortably on the throat area. It has a wide lip, which can represent speaking one's truth, can generally help to ease stomach problems, as we don't end up literally "eating our words".


The conch shell is used as a trumpet to be heard, another good reason if you are shy, or lacking in confidence to place on the throat chakra.


On a more personal note, this shell sits very comfortably in the hand and feels smooth to run the thumb around the inside of the lip, this has helped me with anxiety and chronic pain. Lastly the shell has a strong colour pink in the lip through towards the inside, and this colour can represent matters of the heart and love, which sometimes can be difficult to express.


This is a beautiful shell to give as a gift, and to say I LOVE YOU!


A seashell therapy healing grid pack is available with this shell.

Conch Fan Shell


    True conch species are salt water snails which can vary in size from small to very large. Most species live on warm sandy bottoms of the ocean, and many are economically important as food sources.

    In Mayan art large conches were used as paint and ink holders for scribes, as bugles and hand weapons.