Designed and handmade by Spiritual Holistics, this beautiful green sea sediment jasper bead bracelet also displays colours of brown and mottled cream sea sediment beads, which blend delightfully with the soft colours of the curled shell slices.


This is an unusual pretty bracelet to enhance the wearers wrist for any occasion!


Green sea sediment is said to be a good stone to calm and sooth the nerves, as well as helping to control emotions, and by wearing this bracelet may bring the wearer these healing qualities.


Sea sediment jasper is also good for bringing the wearer grounding energy as well as security and strength.


Size: 20 cm

Bracelet: Green Sea Sediment Jasper

  • Spiritual Notes

    Beneficial for the base and heart chakras.

    Seashells have healing qualities as well as looking attractive on this bracelet, put together with the jasper beads will help to bring more of a sense of balance, allowing the body of the wearer to heal more powerfully, as well as connecting with the essence of the ocean.

    Each bracelet is charged with Reiki and the energy from my sea energy merpeople of Atlantis.


    My bracelets are not intended to be replaced by any professional medical advice.

    Please note ~ Due to the cutting process of the sea sediment jasper beads, some beads may show tiny imperfections as well as variations in colour.