Designed and handmade by Spiritual Holistics, these beautiful beads catch the light showing colours of emerald green, aqua, blue and purple; sparkling and dancing from them like the light reflecting from the tails of the mermaids!


Druzies are a collection of tiny crystals that have formed on the surface or within another mineral.


The most common type of Druzy is quartz, but they are also found on most gemstones from hematite to agate, and they have also been known to be found in meteorites.


They can easily be cut into various shapes, as with these beads, and the process of electroplating helps to make them more luminous and brighter, catching the light beautifully.


Size: 20 cm

Bracelet: Electroplated Natural Geode Druzy Agate

  • Spiritual Notes

    This lovely mermaid charm bracelet will bring you the energy of the scared feminine with the power of the sea for cleansing and renewal.


    Please note due to the cutting process each bead may have some tiny imperfections as well as variations in colour.