Citrine crystal bead and Cowrie shell bracelet: `Prosperity and Good Luck`.


Designed and handmade by Spiritual Holistics for prosperity and good luck, this charming crystal and seashell bracelet brings the wearer good vibrational energy to attract just that!


Also known as the "Lucky Merchant Stone," citrine is known to be one of the most powerful gemstones for manifesting, particularly in relation to success in business and relationships.


It is a powerful stone to help move us forward toward our goals, letting go of the past, and becoming less sensitive to criticism.


The lovely cowrie shells connects the wearer to the strong energy of the sea, and historically were used as currency all over the world, and today are still regarded as shells of  'prosperity.`


If you wish to attract more abundance and good luck, choose this as a great magical `charm` bracelet from Spiritual Holistics, as it is said that citrine carries the power of the sun to uplift and improve your mood....just like a day at the beach!


Size: 20 cm

Bracelet: Citrine crystal bead and Cowrie shell


    Please note ~ Due to the crystal being a natural product, each crystal bead may have slight variations in colour.