Abalone Smudge Kit contains:

  • Extra large Abalone shell - 17-19 cm
  • Feather *
  • Sage stick
  • Small bag of sand
  • Black Onyx crystal
  • Mermaid message from the ocean
  • Instructions


* Please note - the feathers are made to order.  The coloured beads may not always be the same pattern as in the photograph


Traditionally abalone shells have been used for the purpose of smudging, and the abalone shell has a significant spiritual connection with some Native American cultures to burn sage, as they believed the combined power of the abalone shell and sage takes their message to their Gods.


It is said that the abalone shell has a divine energy, and combined with using the sage stick invokes the spirit of the ocean.

Abalone Smudge Kit


    Please note ~ Surfaces should be protected from scorching and the shell should not be left unattended whilst the sage stick is burning.


    The Native American tradition of smudging dates back hundreds of years, and used in most traditional cultures.

    Different cultures have had their own methods of burning aromatic mixtures which have long been traded as valuable commodities along the silk roads linking Mongolia to Persia and Europe.

    From Elizabethan times sea routes from the "New World" discovered new examples of smudging among the Native Americans.