Seashells & Crystals Connected

The body responds very well to the vibration of colour. Each one of the seven major chakras corresponds to a colour. I use naturally coloured bivalve scallop shells to place on each chakra where the shells will resonate with certain parts of the body, as well as the mind.

Having experienced many years ago crystals placed on my own chakras for the first time during a crystal teaching workshop, a traumatic event happened within my own body with my lower chakras. This took me totally by surprise, and shocked me how deeply I felt this trauma within these energy centres, that I began to experiment with the seashells and crystals.

I found that the seashell helped to soften the energy from the crystal acting like a "buffer" when the energy blockage is released from the crystal.

The crystal Aragonte and Calcite are made from the same composition as seashells. Shells are made of calcium carbonate in the mineral form of Calcite or Aragonite.

There are many crystals found naturally on our beaches which you can find alongside seashells, such as Amber, Agates and Quartz ~ and there are also many crystals that can connect us to the element of water and the ocean ~ Ocean Jasper which has a strong connection to the moon energy and water, Aquamarine which can offer us the energy of calm waters and the mermaids of the ocean, and Larimar also known as the dolphin stone.

I have over the years talked about how seashells can be connected with crystals in my workshops which I no longer run, but I now sell little packs made up for each of the chakras with different crystals in my online shop, in my therapy room and at my stockist.

I can by request make up a personal pack with a specific selected seashell and crystal, please contact me for further details.


You will find that when a seashell and a crystal are put together it may help to bring your body to a stronger balance, just like scales, with a seashell on one side and a crystal on the other! This energy can allow your body to heal more powerfully, as well as connecting you to the essences of the ocean and the land together.

Magically, this can also bring you the energy of the mermaids and mermen from the shells, and the sea creatures, such as dolphins, whales and sea turtles, and the energy of the Deva from the land in the crystal

These are my gifts to you from me, and the merpeople of the ocean at Spirirtual Holistics.

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