My Message from the Merpeople

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

For years when I first got married I started to have very vivid dreams that came true. Small everyday stuff like conversations with people, shopping and meeting friends I'd not seen for years, and big detailed travelling dreams with events happening with people, or just places.

As the years passed each one of these dreams would happen, and it was like I was viewing them on a screen which was playing over again, as I knew what was going to happen next and the outcome, even when a neighbour had died. The only detail left out was that I had no idea when all these dreams were going to happen in my life.

This particular dream happened years before I worked in a school, and buying our holiday home in Somerset, in fact when I had this dream, I had never been to Somerset in my life.

The dream as follows.....I was with two other women in a car and we were travelling around country roads. We came to a crossroad and had a conversation as to which way to go. Once decided I remember looking at a really lovely building which was pub on my right, it almost looked like a small hotel, in grey brick and pretty flower baskets hanging from the windows. In my dream I went inside the pub. The bar was slightly to the right of the entrance, but directly on my right was an alcove and a bay window. A large leather chair was nestled in around the bay window, small table in the middle with beer mats, and chairs around it. I was sitting in the large leather chair, enjoying a cold drink with two other women. I knew they were women in my dream, but I couldn't see their faces, but I felt they were my friends. Strangely, as I looked around the place I seemed to know it very well. The dream ended.

In November 2011 I went away for the weekend with two of my friends from work to Somerset, one lady I had known for years and had met her in my first school job where I had worked there for 16 years, and the other lady I had recently met in my new school job after a couple of years.

Once we arrived late on the Friday evening, we talked about going to Glastonbury the next day, and so it was agreed that was the plan. The next day we set off, the weather was great, but I wasn't quite sure how to get there all round the country roads once past Bridgwater.

We were travelling along happily, taking in the views when we stopped at a crossroad.....funny thing was I knew I had been here before, but this wasn't the usual way I went to Glastonbury with my husband, so when asked I wasn't sure which way to go, but as I looked to my right I saw the pub in my dream! Exactly the same in every detail. My friend said, "Lets go and have a cool drink, turn in there this pub looks nice". So we did.

I walked into the building, and there the view played out before me of my dream. We walked towards the bay window and I sat in the big leather chair, also just like the one in my dream!!

I wanted to use the loo before we left, but I just knew where it was. Once inside the Ladies, I had a really strange experience like I had gone through some kind of portal, the pub/ hotel wasn't far from Glastonbury, I can't describe it in words, but I felt a part of me had been taken somewhere else!

I felt strange, and my friends commented that I was very quiet during the rest of the day. My stomach felt like butterflies, which I usually experience when spirit draw close with my mediumship. The rest of the weekend, I didn't feel like I was with my friends, but somewhere else, and I remember thinking that I wanted the weekend to end and get home.

Once back home it was half term, so I was off on the Monday. Straight away I felt the urge to start painting, and by the end of the day I had painted 22 pictures, all women with sea colours, some with fish, and one with a dolphin which was the first picture. They had dried and were all scattered over the table, my husband came home from work and asked me what the pictures were? I answered him saying "I have no idea?"

After a few days of looking at the pictures, I realised they were all mermaids, but why? I had not been connected to mermaid energy in my life before in fact I was, and always have been very frightened of the sea because since I can recall, I used to have nightmares about huge waves like tsunamis rolling towards me feeling the sheer terror of the sight before me.

At the start of 2012, I felt drawn to work with the mermaid pictures, as I attuned to each picture I started to receive guidance to connect each mermaid picture with a crystal. At that time I had no knowledge of the mineral kingdom, other than owning a small pack of crystal cards which came free with a magazine. The pack contained different pictures of crystals with a short meaning about each one. I spread the cards out on the table and lit a candle, looked at the mermaids and asked each one which crystal? Soon all 22 mermaid pictures were matched with a crystal. Next came the feeling that I had to put each picture with a sea creature, as one already had a dolphin.

The most extraordinary event happened a few days before I sat down to do the same type of procedure with the sea creatures as the crystals for each mermaid picture. I was drinking a cup of tea looking through a house and garden magazine in my lounge, when my mobile rang on the table in the dining room. As I was just about to put the magazine down to answer my mobile a big orange starfish seemed to leap out of the page at me from an advert, thinking to myself that would be amazing to have such a beautiful orange starfish for one of my mermaids, I put the magazine down and walked to the table to answer my call. Some 5 minutes later, I went back to my tea and picked up the magazine looking for the wasn't there....not at all.... not anywhere? I just couldn't understand what had happened, I know I saw it, as the orange colour was so striking.

I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of the starfish, and to my surprise, everything matched what was happening to me in my life at that time. From that moment on, I felt this was a sign, that I definitely had to look up the spiritual meaning for each sea creature that I needed to connect with each mermaid, then suddenly each mermaid had a crystal and a sea creature, they were beginning to come to `life`.

While all this was developing, I wanted to learn and train as a crystal therapist, which I did for 10 months with an exam at the end, but during this time I learnt about the seven main chakras, or energy points in our body and how they represented a colour.

Once I was going through the course, I then connected each crystal for the mermaids with a chakra and the colour that was associated with it.