My Healing Experience in the Woods

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

I have had dogs most of my married life, where walking in the woods has come to be a big part of my life.

I live in Farnborough Hampshire, but I was also very lucky for many years to have a wonderful holiday home in Somerset next to a remote beach. It was also surrounded in ancient woodland, and so walking the dogs in these woods was very magical!

In October 2009 during a holiday in Somerset...

I was walking the dogs with my husband in the evening. We usually went down to the beach, but on this particular evening the tide was too high, so we made our way back up the cliff top pathway towards the woods.

I remember very clearly that it was a lovely evening with quite a pleasant warm breeze.

We were chatting and laughing about the day with the dogs running up ahead enjoying their walk.

We came off the pathway to a clearing down towards beautiful fields, we stopped and just took in the scenery all around us, the dogs were headed up because we could see a herd of deer in the dip of the fields, the church in the distance and the sea surrounding us below the cliff, birds singing to end their day on the sea breeze, all the Autumn leaves from the trees sprinkling to the ground, the smell of the fields.....I thought I was in heaven!!

As I glanced around me to drink in the views, I saw a small stunning, beautiful green light next to a row of three very large old oak trees to my left.

As I focused, I could see that it looked like a small `being` in a green cloak looking at me. I decided to walk down towards the open field where the light of the evening was stronger to get a clearer look, the image copied my movement, stopped when I stopped, and walking back to the path, not coming towards me, but alongside me!

I asked my husband if he could see what I could clearly still see, but he could not. I asked him to walk down to the field as I did, but the image stayed alongside me.

It soon became dark and we had to leave, which I was reluctant to do as I felt a change come over me from this experience.

The following day, I just had to find out about what I had seen and why I felt changed by the experience in the woods by the three big old oak trees.

My husband suggested that we should go to Glastonbury, which was not far from where we were, and maybe find someone in one of the shops to ask about what I had seen.

Good idea! Except, I couldn't go to Glastonbury for years because every time I got out of the car and stepped onto the ground, both my legs turned to jelly and I just could not walk! I gave up in the end, so it had been a long time since I had tried to go there again.

I agreed, and to my surprise when we arrived and parked the car in Glastonbury, I stepped out of the car and to my delight and surprise my legs were totally fine and have been to this I am wondering, was this because of the visitation of the `being` with the beautiful green light giving me the strength back in my legs to visit this powerful place?

Much later on in my life, this was explained to me!

I returned from the day in Glastonbury very happy, not finding any answers, but I didn't have the courage to ask anyone about my experience!

Once back home in Farnborough, I looked through books to see if I could find anything that I could link this vision to. Eventually I wrote to the angel lady Jenny Smedley in the magazine Soul & Spirit. To my surprise my email was answered and published, and her advice has served me very well.

I did wonder however whether my mind had been playing tricks with me, as I was still recovering from a nasty fall down my wooden stairs at home in 2007 where I had badly injured myself, which I mentioned in my original email to Jenny.

Apparently not, according to Jenny's reply as follows to me ~


Jenny says: "This is not a trick of the light. The clue is in the mimicking. Mirror images are a state of your soul, and this is what the vision was showing you. The green represents the healing you are so good at. The small stature of the being reflects that after your illness, you have yet to grow back to your full power. Your angel has shown me the same figure, as you can see, in similar shades of green with some gold, too, which reassures you that in time you will reach your potential. The fact that the figure wouldn't follow your path means that there will be a divergence from what you currently see as the only way to your destiny, and the true reason for you being here. The message is stay open, be ready, watch for future signs, and when they come, be flexible and follow your angel's directions".

I began to experience tree parts in my hands, by feeling and seeing them spiritually during the healing sessions for every client's ailments for about three months afterwards. It was quite intense, and life-changing for me.

For example, a lady came to see me with chronic cystitis which she had been suffering from for years.

During the healing I had the impression that I had silver birch tree leaves in my hands, and as I hoovered over her bladder area, my hands grew intensely hot as I laid them gently on that area. I could sense the leaves being infused into her body. I made notes every time this happened without mentioning this to the clients.

Once back in Somerset at our holiday home, I wanted to go back to Glastonbury and was very excited that I could now walk without my "jelly legs" and enjoy it.

Once there, I visited a bookshop in the high street and found a wonderful book called TREE WISDOM by Jacqueline Memory Paterson ~ THE DEFINITIVE GUIDEBOOK TO THE MYTH, FOLKLORE AND HEALING POWER OF TREES.

To my amazement looking at my notes from my healing sessions, every tree part I had received matched the tree type associated with it! I knew from then on, my experience on that October night in 2009, was true guidance of how I was to continue with this new type of healing I had been given from my angel and spirit guides using the power of the trees.

It took me sometime to work out what this type of healing was, but I felt it was a type of essence healing from knowledge I must have known about the forest and the trees in a previous life.

It made me also remember an incident a long time ago I experienced when my son was about six. I had collected him from school, only to find his bedroom carpet completely covered in dried tree leaves!! We don't have a tree in our garden, so where did they come from?

I collected them all up and put them in a bag and eventually over time lost them.

To my shock when I was looking through my new tree book I remembered this incident, and looked up about the carpet in my son's room covered in dried tree leaves, which we identified them as being from the alder tree. I read as follows ~

Our forefathers made huge beds of alder tree leaves which was renowned for giving relief from rheumatism to those who slept on them......(My husband at that time had just been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a rheumatism condition passed down from the males in his family).

The dried alder tree leaves that were in my son's bedroom were I felt there for two reasons, one to help my husband, and two to stop my son from developing the illness, which he has not, but it will be interesting to see if his son does?

I wish I had still had the leaves that were given to us freely from the spirit world at that time, but of course now I understand why they had arrived, because all those years later the plan for me on that October night was set into action, my spiritual healing which I did and enjoyed turned a different course with a great deal more surprises to come!!

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