Trees have strong healing powers!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I have always as long as I can remember loved trees, and I've always been able to see fairy doors in the bark of some tree trunks!

Trees existed a long, long time before humans

and sacred trees with healing powers have been found in almost every culture where they are seen as gifts from the Gods and Goddess.

In October 2009, I had an extraordinary experience whilst out walking my dogs in ancient woodland, that changed my healing and my life forever.

This experience gave me the ability to channel the healing power of trees. The Dryad (tree spirit) passes the healing essence of a tree for a specific ailment to me through my hands to the receiver, where healing then takes place.

The elemental life forms of which I knew nothing about, contacted me upon that evening in October 2009 to teach me how to learn and grow with the trees to where I am currently now...which is my gift to you!

The trees have taught me never to lose my eyes of the child I once was, to be able to see into "Fairy Land" and the healing powers of nature.

This connects me to a bedroom full of dried tree leaves found in my house one afternoon many years before.

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