Are you a believer in the afterlife?

You are not alone, as millions of people today all over the world believe that when our time comes for our physical body to die, our eternal spirit lives on.

Many people have had spiritual experiences who do not believe in the afterlife, but actually, psychic abilities and healing abilities are normal for each of us, it just depends on how awakened we are, and if we wish to use and develop it.

My spiritual life took a real turn for me and came crashing into my life when I got married in my early twenties and we managed to get a mortgage on an old house: what a turning point that was, and I eventually found the spiritualist church to help me deal with it all.

I started to see spirits and draw them.

We had physical activity in the house, found a `time capsule from 1900.

Eventually I got help and was told I was a strong medium and I needed help to channel and develop it.

I became interested in spiritual healing, and joined the Spiritual National Union where I completed a two year course at the spiritualist church, which lead me on to many wonderful things in my life.

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