My Story

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As a child I always knew that there was another dimension to life.

As I grew up I began to realise that not everyone was attuned to it.

As I grew older this led me on to a complete discovery of many things that this side of life has to offer - and where my journey is still unfolding for me now!

I feel passionate about helping people with my therapies, guiding and supporting others on their own personal spiritual journey.

I have spent many years working as a spiritual healer, after completing my SNU training.  I eventually left the Spiritualist Church to start my own sanctuary, providing therapies in the evenings after my own school teaching work was complete.  

During those years whilst bringing up our son, myself and my husband managed to buy a holiday home in a remote and beautiful place in Somerset.

The beach was natural and wild, surrounded by cliffs, cornfields and ancient woodland.  This beautiful place connected me more and more to nature and could feel a chance in me every time I returned to my life back home.

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There is a natural waterfall that cascaded down onto the beach, cutting through the sand and out into the ocean.  The tide at St Audries Bay is the second highest tide in the world.

As I walked along the beach and sat by the waterfall, looking at the beach and picking up different shells, I felt healed and energised.  I began to attune to these beautiful gifts on the beach for healing on a higher level and I began to be deeply connected to the energy of the ocean.

I carried on happily for many years giving spiritual healing, until one evening in October 2009, I had a life-changing spiritual experience in the ancient woodland in Somerset that changed my life forever!

Also for me personally, my spiritual life, saved my life in many ways.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ~ CRPS  by the neurologist.


My trigger in 2016 was tripping over the rug in my therapy room, where I felt a lower disc pop. After well over a year of being confined to bed from the trip where my husband had to feed me with a spoon and care for me, the chronic pain in my leg and nerve attacks in my lower spine were so bad I wanted to end my life. I had never experienced pain like it!


I now can walk, but have regular flare ups which vary in time to calm down, my husband still has to do so much for me.


This trigger was related to a fall down my wooden stairs where I injured my lower back and fractured my elbow in 2007.


However the main event for these triggers aged 17, was being hit by a car travelling at 40 miles per hour, whilst walking over a zebra crossing in a high street.


I have since come to realise why the energies of the land and the ocean came together and was reaching out to me.


I just knew I had to bring the essence of this wonderful place in Somerset back home where my holistic business was born, especially as we had to sell our wonderful place by the sea due to me not being able to travel very far any longer.

I feel it is the time for me to share my experiences to be able to reach out and help others who live with chronic pain every day, and after a recent episode of this debilitating condition I can now share the work I have developed on this beautiful website.