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Connecting you to the energies of the ocean with the sea creatures - Life began in the sea.


Where the powerful energy of the ocean, meets the magic of the land.

Being by the sea calms us, or energises us ~ or both!

I have been fortunate to channel the Merpeople of Atlantis healing, they are my sea magic guides of ancient wisdom from the ocean.


They bring you nurturing love, combined with crystals for an awakening experience of deep cleansing healing for you from the ocean.

Please read my blog how the Merpeople arrived into my life.

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Ocean Pier
"Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely women rose from the frothy sea, resplendent as Aphrodite in her scalloped chariot"

Margot Datz - A Survival Guide for Land Locked Mermaids!

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From the start I felt so connected to Jeanne who is a wonderful healer with amazing connections to the ocean in any form. 

She is very intuitive and her guidance helps me with the direction that I am taking on my life's journey.

I just love your amazing sea healing.

You opened my eyes to a whole new world of sea energy and the mermaid seahorse journey I'm now on.

'The Self Love Parent'

by Cheryl Cooke

 I have known about Jeanne's work with the Merpeople for some time.  I received Merpeople healing, which is totally amazing and I could feel myself in the water and healing taking place in my lower back and legs.  So soothing as I was in pain.  I would recommend Jeanne and the Merpeople healing, it's such an amazing experience.




Calm Sea


My Merpeople readings offer you a deep connection with the ocean and it's sea creatures, who are deemed to be older and wiser than our land animals.


By digging deep to the bottom of the ocean for the guidance that you seek, each card offers you unique messages, which is my gift to you from Spiritual Holistics.

Please read my blog how the Merpeople arrived into my life.

Contact me to book a Merpeople Sea Magic reading in person or remotely.

1st Session with consultation - £40 (60 minutes)
Following sessions - £30 (45 minutes)