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Spirit & Destiny Magazine


I am so very pleased with how the Spirit & Destiny magazine have presented my article in their July 2021 edition they asked me write back in chilly January about Seashell Therapy.


To add to my happiness the shells are helping a few children at the moment at Spiritual Holistics with the Reiki energy and seashells for their autism and extreme anxiety.


What could be better, I do truly feel blessed to be so attuned to this energy, and it's never a dull day here with all my shells!!


Soul & Spirit Magazine


I wrote to Jenny Smedley the angel lady expert from the magazine Soul & Spirit about my life-changing experience.


To my delight I had a reply which was published, her advise and predictions for me came true.

Read more in my Blog.

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Podcast: Reiki Seashell Healing Therapy

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Hi Jeanne,

Just read your article in Spirit & Destiny magazine and immediately I had to check your website. Glad I did it. All my life, I've been collecting seashells but I had no idea how spiritual they are!. You have no idea how thrilled I am to find someone like yourself!! .... So I would love to learn more about it from you. I'm thinking about visiting St. Audries Bay sometime this month. I admire your artwork with those cute mermaids and I would love to buy them for myself.

Thank you for a great eye-opening article!

Warm regards