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Are you a believer in the afterlife?


You are not alone, as millions of people today all over the world believe that when our time comes for our physical body to die, our eternal spirit lives on.

Spiritual Healing is a natural form of healing used for hundreds of years.  I completed my two years of training with the SNU and have continued to practice ever since.

Suitable for use in conjunction with conventional medicine, spiritual healing will help you to relax, sleep better, and relieve pain. 

How it Works:

I attune to my spiritual guides, channel their energy into my hands to the receivers body, by light touch and in the aura.

This can easily be done sitting in a chair, or lying on a healing bed.

Please read my blog on how I learnt to live with physical spirits and my experience with rescuing troubled spirits.

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In our lifetime we have many teachers and guides in the spirit world who wish to work with us.  

Spirit guides help us with many areas of our lives spiritually, but also professionally and personally.  Your spirit guides present themselves to us in many different forms, with their own special messages, guidance and gifts for us.

Our ancestors offer us wisdom and knowledge, helping to bring us power animals for guidance and strength.

Shamanic Healing is with my long-standing Native America guide called 'Running Wolf'.  He is a medicine man from the Cheyenne Tribe.

His healing has served me well for many years, helping others with excellent word-of-mouth continued recommendations.

If you are interested in how I maybe able to help you, please contact me.


Trees have strong healing powers! 

Trees existed a long, long time before humans and sacred trees with healing powers have been found in almost every culture where they are seen as gifts from the Gods and Goddess. 


During the start of this session, the healing energy of the Dryad (tree spirit) will be channelled through me into my hands and placed on the body, or aura for a particular ailment.

The trees have taught me never to lose my eyes of the child I once was, to be able to see into "Fairy Land" and the healing powers of nature.

Read my blog to learn more or contact me to book a session.

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1st Session with consultation - £40 (60 minutes)
Following sessions - £30 (45 minutes)

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Just wanted to let you know that your spiritual healing has made me feel so much more positive than I have felt for a long time.

My pain has certainly eased and I feel I also had issues that needed to be cleared.

Your healing rooms are just so magical and peaceful and I can't remember feeling so relaxed, plus how my breathing slows down once you start the session.

Thank you and I would love to see you again next week.

Hello Jeanne, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing healing yesterday.  I carried on yawning my head off after I left and although it took me a while I slept like an angel last night!  Thank you so much, I feel much calmer now and I feel like I am properly back in my body again.  It was if my spirit wasn't fully in my body.  I'll keep you posted how it goes over the next few days, but a big thank you to you, you are amazing healer.

Thank you Jeanne that was amazing I feel so happy with your feedback after the Reiki remote session today, and I am very grateful to have found you