Sessions offered remotely or in person
Crystal Therapy is a natural complementary holistic therapy which can help the flow of Chi (life-force energy) in and around the body.


How it works:


Crystals are placed on or around the body on sites of pain, chakra and meridian points, which helps to harmonise the body's own natural energy centres, in order to release stress, pain and helping to balance and realign the physical body.

This is why crystals have such a potent effect on our body's electromagnetic energy field.

Read more in my blog about how crystals have helped me through my chronic pain.

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"The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only see them when they are gone"

George Elliott

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Thank you Jeanne for the remote crystal sessions. I was amazed how much I felt from the crystals and I can't wait to have another crystal therapy appointment with you soon in person.

Thank you, the healing worked inside and out. 


Thank you Jeanne for a wonderful crystal therapy session this afternoon. I felt nothing was rushed and you took the time to make me feel special and important. You have a good understanding of the mineral kingdom, and you generously shared your company for a long talk with me after the session about the crystals and my chakras. I would thoroughly recommend Jeanne to anyone, she is a gifted, caring, kind, lovely lady.


That was amazing! I certainly had no idea that I would still feel the energy of the crystals so strongly by not coming to see you in person.


I am considering talking to my daughter to make an appointment with you, as she is struggling at the moment with lockdown.


I hold a Diploma in Crystal Healing (Distinction) and am a
BSY Registered Crystal Healing Practitioner.

1st Session with consultation - £40 (60 minutes)
Following sessions - £30 (45 minutes)